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During the past decade we have conducted more than 400 projects worldwide utilizing traditional and innovative methodologies to gather information from clinicians, administrators and potential patients. In addition to our extensive experience conducting market research projects, Richard Harbaugh and Rob Michiels, the founders of CONSILIUM, have extensive experience managing medical device companies and developing medical devices.

We conduct projects in virtually every area of medicine:

Cardiovascular surgery:
repair and/or replacement of valves, treatment of coronary arteries and major vessels.
Interventional procedures:
transcatheter procedures to treat cardiovascular, neurological and urological disorders.
diagnostic and therapeutic procedures for upper and lower GI disorders.
Bariatric surgery:
restrictive, obstructive and ablation devices and nerve stimulation to reduce caloric intake.
invasive and non-invasive monitoring of physiological parameters and cardiovascular, neurological and pulmonary events.
Chronic diseases:
monitoring and treatment of disorders ranging from the most common to the rarest.
treatment of orthodontic, periodontal, oral maxillofacial issues and digital dentistry.
treatment of glaucoma, macular degeneration and dry eye.

A sampling of typical CONSILIUM projects

  • Working with clients' product development, marketing and sales to finalize or optimize product design.
  • Providing young companies with data collected from potential users to support statements about market need, potential product adoption, utilization rates and other information to assure product acceptance and positioning and to encourage investors and corporate partners.
  • Providing sales and marketing executives with customer input to decisions on pricing, promotion, advertising, customer service, product names and service programs.
  • Aiding clients in creating interactive educational and promotional programs for potential customers.
  • Identifying or qualifying new and/or expanded applications for clients existing technologies.